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At, we solve a fundamental real time problem. Solution for FORGETFULNESS!


Everyone is busy now a days, chasing one or the other, who have time to organize and remember events which needs to be done on time for example, Vaccine to a child, Service of your vehicle, product warranties, payment dues, greeting your spouse or friend on birthday or anniversary, follow up with a friend on money matters. will make your life easier. It is a reminder platform, where you, your family & friends and your service vendors collaborate to exchange life and time saving reminders.

Imagine..., Your Mom forgets her own birthday, but you say "Happy Birthday"in the morning, how beautiful it is. You get an alert saying your nephew’s vaccine day is nearing; Call your sister/brother to inform this, think how beautiful the moment is!

We have more than 70+ categories of reminders, not just birthdays and annivarsaries., The reminder items, which make your life easy and simply smart! Try out ticket booking reminder or child vaccine reminder to feel the difference. Visit Now!


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